The main idea was to set a scene with one character and a very simple background, putting all the attention on the character animation.


The next step was to make the build of the character or as it is call in 3D the rig. For this I did a turn around first in paper and then I translated to the build in flash. 


I have to say we had almost 4 weeks to do this entire short film: 2 to learn Flash, 1 to do storyboards, layouts, character design and builds.

With the build of the character done I was ready to start animating.

Since the beginning the idea of this short film was to focus on the animation and the character poses. One of my old time animation reference is   'The Dover Boys' directed by Chuck Jones. With the same principle of the 'Road Runner' my main goal was to hit the poses in a very few frames gaining at the end a nice timing and fluid movement. 

As you would do, you make all your key poses and then the magic comes with the breakdowns. Here some examples of how far I went some times using smear frames.